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Slayer in early 80’s on tour with Destruction.  Tom’s brother is in here as well.  See if you can tell them apart.  I think Tom is the one wearing the sweatshirt.  These pics came from other tumblr users.  Too many to keep track of, sorry.

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I remember on four o’clock in the morning, i can hear James down on the street, drunk, screaming “Cliff, Cliff where are you !”.


Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed to Skate

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I will reblog this til my dying breath

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Loung Por Daeng

The remains of this monk are displayed in Thailand at Kunaram on Koh Samui island on his request 30 years after his death. He requested his body be displayed, still in a meditation stance, and shown to the world. He wanted the world to follow the teachings of Buddhism.

He said he knew his death was imminent and spent the last seven days of his life without food, water, or company. He focused only on his meditation.

As for the neat sun-glasses you see, they were placed on him by his students after his eyes dried up and fell back in his head.

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